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Austin Fuller grew up in rural Pennsylvania, close to the Hershey and even closer to "Amish Country." Ever since a young age, he was entranced with stories through mediums such as film or novels.

After high school he attended Dickinson College anticipating to major in either political science or English, but soon fell in love with philosophy after taking a courses in the department and so studied philosophy instead.. Always someone that tried to laugh as much as possible, he took a class on the philosophy of humor and decided to write his honors thesis on the topic.

Feeling some calling towards the philosophy of art and aesthetics, he decided to attend the CUNY Graduate Center for his MA in philosophy, and is currently focusing on philosophical topics about video games.



Temple University

PhD in Philosophy


CUNY Graduate Center

MA in Philosophy - Graduated with certificate in the philosophy of art


Dickinson College

BA in Philosophy - Graduated with honors

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